Europe. Customised.


Whether your clients are heading to Europe for the first time, wanting to travel widely and see as much as possible, or whether they are seasoned travellers looking to spend more time in one region, exploring in-depth and getting a real taste for local life, they may want to build their tour around a certain theme. Our dedicated team of professional Local Guides are specialists in their areas, and often on particular subjects, able to share superb information and insight. If your party is looking for a truly educational experience, qualified teachers can be provided for a day or a half-day, for a themed class or workshop allowing hands-on experience in cooking, art, music, wine-tasting, photography, horticulture and many other disciplines.

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Each tour that we design and operate is specifically created for a particular party; we work with groups of all sizes and individuals with very specific requirements which often cannot be met by a standard, picked-from-a-brochure tour. We will discuss with you the type of programme that your party is looking for and will then put together a customized itinerary which can be presented to your clients for their own personalisation before a tour is finalized. All programmes are customised to meet the needs of specific, pre-formed parties.

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We have a highly professional team of Local Guides and Tour Managers based all over Europe. These wonderful individuals are all licensed as guides and group leaders in their home territory, and their local expertise and personal charm are essential to the success of our programmes. Many of the groups which travel with us on a regular basis have a close relationship with a particular guide, and often schedule their tour around when their favourite guide is available.

Please contact us for a proposal for your British and European travellers. We make no charge for providing you with creative ideas for some wonderful itineraries, and would welcome the opportunity to show you what we can do. The Destinations page on this site will give you a clearer idea of the regions in which we work; but if you cannot find exactly what your clients are looking for, please contact us for customised information.

Looking for impossible-to-find tickets to an event in Britain or Europe? We provide a complimentary concierge service to agents purchasing land arrangements through our company.