Performing Tours


A fun and educational tour to Eastern Europe. This programme is also available for Choirs and Bands. Amateur groups only please.

European music tours for Choirs, Bands and Orchestras, customized to meet each group's needs.

Concert arrangements or temporary residencies at the Cathedrals of Britain can be included, in addition to an interesting and educational programme of sightseeing. Our itineraries can be customized for music groups of all sizes and all budgets; from High School bands or college orchestras wanting Inexpensive accommodation, to the semiprofessional choirs wanting a rather more Deluxe type of programme. Performances are scheduled in quality locations such as Cathedrals, Castles and Stately Homes. Audition tapes are required to ensure that performing groups have reached the high standards required by our venues. We also offer tours for music aficionados who simply want to attend concerts and the opera in Europe.


Please contact us for full details. These are not scheduled tours, but examples of what we can put together for our clients.

Adelanta Travel Services Ltd.

Featured itinerary

 Our emphasis is always on quality; we do not claim to be the cheapest, but prefer to offer excellent value for money for those groups and individuals wanting that 'extra something' and a memorably wonderful tour. We use centrally-located hotels, professional Guides, and we include all sightseeing tours in our quotations. There are no hidden extra charges.

Our repeat business is over 90% !