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There is also the opportunity to sample some of the famous British country pursuits; horseback riding, fishing, shooting, archery, walking and golf. 

Enjoy a day of fresh air and exercise, sip afternoon tea in the Library, dine by candlelight in a room filled with oil paintings and classical furnishings; then bathe in an enormous claw-footed cast iron bath and nod off to sleep in a beautiful four-poster bed. 

Each of the Castles in the Exclusive Castle Rentals programme has its own character; some are cosy, some are elegant; some are perfect for families, others are more suited to a sophisticated corporate party. They all have certain features in common; style, exclusivity, and a staff determined to make your stay one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Indulge your vacation fantasies! Our advisors will work with you to fulfil your dreams and help you to decide what is best for your event.

Live a different life

The perfect family getaway

These castles were at one time family homes; some of them remain so. For families looking for an exclusive and unusual location for their holidays, what could be better than a private castle?

 Classic Corporate events

Whether it's for a confidential meeting, a 'thank you' to your best clients, or a motivation for your staff, the Castles provide a unique location for the most memorable of events. Team-building activities, golf tournaments and other country activities can also be arranged.

Experience Britain in Style

Perhaps you just want to see Britain in the best and most elegant manner possible; what better than a Castle to provide a focus for your Deluxe holiday in Britain?

 Whatever the reason; take this opportunity to


Exclusive Castle Rentals offer the chance to take up residence in a castle or stately home which becomes yours exclusively for the duration of your stay.

It is a unique experience which is as much a lifestyle opportunity as an archetypal British vacation.

 A chance to live a different life.

 A castle is reserved exclusively for your party's use for a day, a week, or as long as you wish. You will be pampered by your own butler, catered for by your own chef, and attended by a staff whose aim is to ensure your comfort.